Colorado Cannabis Info

Understand Colorado Amendment 64

According to Colorado Amendment 64, Colorado has very clearly defined laws in regard to the possession, sale and use of cannabis. The most obvious illegal activities are:

  • Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana.
  • Transporting marijuana without utilizing a sealed “Exit Bag”* can open you up for CO’s “Open Container” fines.
  • Consuming marijuana in public.
  • Buying or selling cannabis by anyone not licensed by the State of Colorado.
  • Giving or selling marijuana to a minor.
  • Taking marijuana purchased in Colorado out of our state.
  • Consuming or cultivating marijuana on U.S. Federal property.

Abusing any aspects of these laws could jeopardize your rights and privileges to purchase and possess marijuana in Colorado. In addition to this, you could be prosecuted, jailed, and fined substantially, as these are felony offenses in Colorado.

*All recreational customers are provided a safe, legal “Exit Bag” with all recreational marijuana purchases. There is a one time fee of $3.00 for these bags, which can be reused for all future purchases. According to Colorado law, the bag is to remain sealed when you are transporting pot and pot products. Failure to utilize this legal process, can result in a Colorado “Open Container” fine of up to $1,000, similar to law for transporting alcohol that is open in a vehicle.

For a complete list of the actual statues that apply to marijuana, please go to the State of Colorado website and read the actual statutes.



Who can purchase marijuana in Colorado?
Just like shopping in a CO liquor store, anyone with proper ID to prove they are at least 21 years of age may purchase.

How much recreational weed/products can CO Residents purchase versus non-residents?
Those who have a legal residence in Colorado may buy 1 ounce per visit. Adults over 21 who do not reside in Colorado may buy 1/4 ounce per visit.

How much weed/product can I purchase per visit?
CO Residents may purchase up to 28 grams per visit. Non CO Residents may purchase up to 7 grams per visit.

Does CO Law restrict me from. making multiple purchases in one day?
No, it does not. The law only limits the purchase quantity a recreational buyer can purchase each visit . . . not how many times this customer can purchase each day. However, since the state’s “legal possession” statue stipulates, “No one who is not a medical-marijuana patient can possess more than an ounce of marijuana at a time,” it is up to the recreational buyer to stay within the State’s guideline for the quantity possessed.

What is Colorado’s rule on the THC content of edibles?
A singe serving cannot contain more than10 mg. Each individual packaged product cannot contain more than 100 mg.

Are there any limitations on what products a recreational buyer may purchase?
Absolutely not! While there are limitations on how much may be purchased per visit, recreational patients may purchase anything from our full line of bud, concentrates, oils, waxes and/or edibles

Why would a qualifying CO Resident choose to get a CO State regulated medical marijuana license?
Colorado residents who hold a State of Colorado Medical Marijuana Card (MMJ) are able to pay less taxes on pot and can grow limited plants for personal use or assign their caregiver rights to a dispensary who will grow weed for them.

Does the State of Colorado limit dispensary store hours?
Yes, under Colorado State Law, dispensaries can’t open before 8 a.m. and they can’t stay open later than midnight. Each individual city can set its own restrictions on hours of operation. In Denver, recreational marijuana shops can’t be open past 7 p.m.

Can Golden Meds legally ship pot products?
We are not able, under CO Law to ship marijuana products in or outside of Colorado. You must present proper ID and shop in our store to make any purchases.

Is there a difference between the quality of the medical and recreational bud?
All of the weed sold at Golden Meds comes from the exact same high quality, top shelf natural grow. Whether you are buying to medicate or recreate, you can count on our kick-butt bud to surpass your expectations.

How much is the sales tax on recreational pot?
Colorado retail marijuana sales tax rate is 25%