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When you arrive inside Golden Meds Dispensary, you will see not only a wide variety of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid naturally grown weed, but also a huge selection of the best selling edibles, wax, high quality oils, drinks and tinctures. Our highly trained bud tenders are pleased to answer questions about all of our products, what to expect from the varying options, and … how to safety begin consuming marijuana products.

More about Our Marijuana Concentrates, Edibles, Infused and Connoisseur Products:

Golden Meds carries an assortment of delicious high-THC content weed edibles. Depending upon your need to medicate or recreate, you will find brownies, cookies, candy, and flavorful drinks clearly labeled with the recommended consumption guidance for new edible buyers.

In addition to our normal bud selection, Golden Meds Dispensary also provides one of the finest selections of Kief and Caviar in the Denver Metro Area.

Kief is a powdery resin that comes from the harvested bud flowers, and contains a higher ratio of psychoactive cannabinoids (THC, CBD and/or CNB) than the traditional forms of cannabis. Kief can be collected from the harvested flowers or created by sifting the “shake” in a mesh screen or sieve. Kief may be stored pressed into cakes of hashish or as resin. It can be consumed by smoking or via vaporizing. Our bud tenders are happy to answer any questions you may have about Kief.

Cannabis connoisseurs and those with a higher tolerance for pot, love the unique smoking experience that comes from Kief resin given the “Caviar treatment”. Bud flowers are soaked in hash oil and rolled in Kief for a more potent “high” than the traditional smoking process, with less expense than many of the high-grade oils and waxes.

Golden Meds carries a wide selection of high quality oils and lotions for your skin care needs. Hemp oils and creams go back hundreds of years and many today are finding them to be the perfect solution for natural skin and body care.

For those looking to medicate, recreate or to bake edibles at home, oils and tinctures can provide an easy way to achieve higher THC, CBD and/or CNB dosages, while consuming a smaller amount of actual product. These concentrates can be consumed directly, infused into foods or smoked via one of our state-of-the-art cartridge systems. (See section on SHATTER, WAXES and “BUDDER / CRUMBLE”). Our knowledgeable bud tenders are pleased to guide you through all of your available options. Cannabis oils and tinctures, like edibles, are especially recommended for those who have issues consuming marijuana by smoking.

According to, shatter, bho or dabs, (as many stoners referred to them) “are various forms of high grade hash, usually made with a process involving butane”. Since this process makes it a stronger concentrate, it is more pure and much stronger than the traditional hash from earlier decades. When the oil is massaged or stirred during extraction, it becomes more pliable, and the final product looks more like crumbs than the thin crispy look of traditional “shatter”. The psychoactive impact of doing “dabs” results in a fast, more powerful high. These forms of concentrates are not usually the first products recommended for those who are new to cannabis use.

A Wide Assortment of Accessories, Glass Pipes, Papers, Bongs and Vapes
Whether you are looking for a new “go-to” glass, rolling papers or the most sophisticated new smoking vapes and cartridges, Golden Meds has ‘em all! Better yet, our prices are absolutely HOT!