Price Difference Depending on “Top Shelf” or “Connoisseur” Strain Status.

“High” Volume Pricing… All Top Shelf!

We are dedicated to providing easy, legal, safe access to our customers and patients. We take this right and privilege very serious, as we want to continue to serve this industry for decades to come, in this location and more.

  • All buyers must have a valid State ID or Colorado Driver’s License clearly proving the buyer is at least 21 years-of-age.
  • A dispensary staff member or security professional will check all ID’s prior to entrance inside the dispensary.
  • All medical patient purchases are recorded as per state license requirements.
  • Written records with buyer’s names and contact information are not kept for recreational weed sales.
  • Medical patients are also required to have a current Colorado Red Card.
  • New MMJ patients may utilize qualified paperwork for a limited time, as is required by Colorado Law at the patient’s time of submission.
  • Customers must have a safe, legal “Exit Bag” or purchase a reusable one from us for $2.00 for any edible purchases medical or recreational.  According to Colorado law, the bag is to remain sealed when you are transporting pot and pot products. Failure to utilize this legal process, can result in a Colorado “Open Container” fine of up to $1,000, similar to law for transporting alcohol that is open in a vehicle.

When you arrive at Golden Meds and enter the first doorway, you will see our two-way mirror and a slot that is accessible to us from the inside. Recreational users place their ID in the slot, while medical patients will submit their Red Card through the slot. Once your ID is reviewed and acknowledged, you will be invited into our showroom waiting area.

The dispensary showroom is conveniently divided into two separate areas. One side is dedicated to our medical patients, while the other is designed specifically for our growing number of recreational clients. When it is your turn, you will be invited up to the appropriate counter by one of our bud tenders who will provide you his or her undivided attention to help you choose your items to purchase. Because we believe in being transparent, all of our bud is displayed in clear jars in both sections of the store. And, to make sure you get exactly what you want . . . we don’t pre-weigh or package our weed. We weigh your weed and personally package it while you watch!

Recreational Sales

Quarter$35 – $95 (Out of state limit)
Out of State Limit Half Ounce$65-$175

Medical Sales

Gram$5 – $12
Eighth$15 – $35
Quarter$30 – $70
Half Ounce$55 – $140
Ounce$99 – $280